Ice Sticks - Freezable Water Bottle Ice Cube Sticks - 2 PACK

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                                                 ICE STICKS 2 PACK

  • With these easy to fill Ice Stick bags, you can make Ice Sticks from the tap or with your favorite mineral waters or drinks and place them in your beverages and even directly into bottles or cans.
  • Very simple to use: fill the bag through the opening on top from the tap or a bottle.  Turn it upside down to close (self sealing) then place it flat in the freezer.  To release, just press the sticks out!
  • Very hygienic, you never have freezer burn and they also keeps odors out.
  • Ice Sticks are great for parties, picnics and the beach, but also for other activities where people like to keep their bottled beverages cool, like, on those long road trips; working out at the gym; cycling; yoga; dance; Pilates; martial arts classes; boating and the list goes on and on.
  • BRC CERTIFIED ( Global Standards For Consumer Products )
Per Sachet
Quantity of Ice Stick bags per sachet: 10
Total quantity of Ice Sticks per sachet: 200
MSRP: $2.99+tax
Bar code # 8 65728 00040 0
Item # 00040
Dimensions (inches): 9.84 (height) x 5.12 (width) x 0.2 (depth)
Weight: 33 grams or 1.16 ounces

Made in Europe