Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With Adjustable Stand and ad panel. Item #SDA3A001

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Hand Sanitizer dispenser with stand, adjustable pole and ad panel.

 Item# SDA3A001

 Free standing with adjustable pole hand sanitizer dispenser.  800ml Touchless Smart sanitizer Dispenser, Infrared Motion Sensor Sprayer Dispenser Battery Operated, Long Standby for grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, office, etc ...

  • Easy to Use
    The automatic infrared sensor detects the area within 8 to 12 cm and sprays disinfectant without the need to directly touch the unit.
  • Large Capacity
    The refillable bottle can hold 800 ml of disinfectant liquid. It sprays 1 ml each time it is activated, so it can be used about 800 times, before needing to be re-filled.
  • Useful in Various Establishments
    This automatic sanitizer dispenser can disinfect your hands without directly touching anything, thus protecting your clients. It is suitable for public places such as grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, medical institutions, schools, etc.
  • Power Saving
    This automatic dispenser is powered by 3 AA cell batteries (not included). Low energy consumption circuit design extends battery life and saves money.

Provide sanitary protection to your customers against the Covid-19 virus.

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