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Ice Sticks self sealing freezable bags can be filled with tap water and once frozen, can be placed in your favorite beverage bottles and cans.



Ice Sticks Don't Take Up Shelf Space

Ice Sticks won't take up any of your shelving space! They come readily equipped with merchandising strips and hooks to hang them in a variety of strategic locations throughout your shop or place of business.

Ice Sticks Sell Themselves!

Just fill Ice Stick bags with water, freeze, and place them in your favorite beverage bottles or cans! Ice Sticks are easy to use, very hygienic, and you'll never have to worry about freezer burn or odors! Ice Sticks are perfect for for parties, picnics, the beach, or activities where you'd like to keep your beverage cold, such as the gym, cycling, boating - anywhere!


"Ice Sticks are the perfect impulse purchase product. We sold out quickly, and the profit margin is excellent!"

– T. Jones

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